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My name is Meg.
I love Spiderman, Doctor Who, and Music.
Look at my About Me <3
Memphis May Fire<3
Snapchat: spidermeg08
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self-respect is my respect for myself

i could as well suck 3 thousand dicks and still respect myself so shut the fuck up

Hell I would respect u for sucking 3 thousand dicks

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Today i left my house! Ok, I leave my house everyday, but tonight i went into town and watched August Burns Red at my favourite venue. They were unreal :)! All round good day. Involved band prac, local poker (made it to final table.. no biggy), an elongated bus trip and catching up with Blessthefall. 100% genuine, awesome dudes. Warped is going to be off it’s head! Goodnight tumblr, my love.

Sany Kim